SPUTNIK Disko mit Disco Dice vom 20.01.2024

SPUTNIK Disko mit Disco Dice vom 20.01.2024
Titel Act  
I Want You All Tonight (John Morales M+M Extended Remix) Curtis Hairston  
Nudisco Trap (Nudisco Vintage Clubmix) Disco Dice  
Want My Love (Original Mix) Dirty Disco Stars  
Do The Breakdown (Nu Club Mix) Paolo Bardelli, Raffaele Giusti  
Ready 4 Your Love (Original Mix) D.P.V.  
Time (Sax Intro Mix) Micky More and Andy Tee, Angela Johnson  
Then The Music Started (Original Mix) Ken@Work  
Soul Party (Extended Mix) Kry (IT)  
Can U Feel It (Club Mix) Risk Assessment  
DDD (Original Mix) Hotmood  
Wake Up And Party (Extended Mix) Disco Gurls  
Just The 3 Of Us (Original Mix) Chemars  
Fall In Love (Original Mix) Both 91  
DJ Affair (Original Mix) Eugenio Fico  
Rainmen (Original Mix) Dave Leatherman, HP Vince, Bruce Nolan  
Happiness (Original Mix) Rick Marshall, Sarah Kennedy  
Have Some Fun (Dubby Disco Boyz Remix) Gips, Dubby Disco Boyz  
Dope Dubbs (Everybody) (Nudisco Dubb) Block & Crown  
Volume On (Original Mix) Babert  
Swing Up (Clubmix) Nari  
Torture (Original Mix) Jackers Revenge, Ghostbusterz  
Feel It (Jay Vegas Classic House Extended Mix) Antoine Clamaran, Lulu Hughes  
Ring Ring (Original Mix) Adam Fiorucci  
In My Soul (Extended Mix) Zsak  
Walking On Dancefloor (Original Mix) Simon Adams, Diego Broggio